DrH SuperSeal Green - Manual

How to use the DrH SuperSeal™ (Green)

1. Always test the engine first.
You can test the engine in two ways:
- by a mechanic with special diagnostic tools
- yourself by using our inexpensive tester BT-3, primarily designed to work with the DrH SuperSeal™
If the tester's fluid turns yellow, you can fix the engine with the DrH SuperSeal™.
If the fluid stays blue or red (depending on the fluid type), the cause of the engine's problem lies somewhere else, a faulty thermostat, temp sensor, leaky water pump, or cracks in the rubber or plastic parts. In this case, DrH SuperSeal won't fix it at all.

2. SuperSeal It.
After the positive test result with our BT-3 tester, pour the DrH SuperSeal into the radiator or expansion tank, switch the interior heating on full, start the engine, and leave it running for approximately 1 hour. After that time, turn the engine off and leave it to cool down.
DrH SuperSeal is a highly concentrated compound. We strongly recommend using it with plain water in the cooling system to avoid any coolant incompatibility problems. After repair, drain the fluid and replace it with the coolant recommended by your car's manufacturer.

DrH SuperSeal is only for people with good knowledge of car mechanics who know how to bleed the cooling system (remove trapped air)

If you don't have the required knowledge, we strongly recommend passing the job to a reputable car mechanic; otherwise, you may cause more damage to your car or even personal injuries !!!

Also, you should perform a chemical head gasket test before use of DrH SuperSeal. It will help to pinpoint the leakage source.

Bear in mind that old, failing head gaskets may have different types of leaks:

    cylinder to cylinder
    cylinder to coolant
    coolant to oil or combined

DrH SuperSeal can only fix one type of leak (cylinder to coolant)

Regarding this fact, we don't guarantee that our product will fix every failing head gasket. We only give you a better chance to fix it.

Remember, you use this product at your own risk!!!

IMPORTANT!!! While the engine runs, you must occasionally bleed the cooling system (remove trapped air). Trapped air is the cause of overheating; also SuperSeal will dry up and build up in trapped air areas and may block the thermostat or the internal heater's core.

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