• DrH SeperSeal 500ml -  Head Gasket Seal - Sealant - Sealer - FIX - Repair

DrH Green SuperSeal It is simply a ceramic seal in the bottle. After pouring it into the cooling system, the fluid distributes between all cracks and micro holes in the engine's cooling system. The heat from the engine activates the chemical reaction in all of the cracks and seals them with a hard ceramic compound. 

What should you know before using this product?

Overheating, losing coolant or bubbling in the cooling system is not always a sign of faulty head gasket or crack in the engine block. It could also be a faulty thermostat or temp sensor, solenoid valve, leaky water pump or a hole in a rubber pipe. In the second case, the SeperSeal won't fix it at all. The sealant works only with head gaskets and metal cracks.

So before "blindly" pouring the sealer into your cooling system, firstly perform the test with BT-3 tester.

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DrH SeperSeal 500ml - Head Gasket Seal - Sealant - Sealer - FIX - Repair

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